Summer School is a unique opportunity to learn about developing web and mobile applications that meets the requirements of good design, high scalability and faster integration/deployment.

Two parallel tracks will run together and participants have to choose on the two.

The first track will be around Java EE enviroment.

Nabrass Lamouchi - Team Leader at Société Générale & Netbeans Dream Team member

Day 1

  • Intro to Enterprise Development
  • Intro to Java EE specifications
  • Intro to Java 8
  • Intro to Spring Boot
  • Legacy and SOA trendies
  • Diving into Microservices architecture
  • Getting into Agility for Microservices Development

Day 2

  • Modeling the ecosystem
  • Designing the application
  • Tooling & tooling
  • Coding, coding & coding

Day 3

  • Continous Integration & Continous Delivery
  • Docker & AWS wedding
  • MetaData, Quality and availability monitoring
  • Best practices

Requirements: Bring your own laptop with Netbeans or Eclipse installed, and Java JDK 8.

The second track will be around .NET environment.

Houssem Dellai - .NET Consultant at Soat & Microsoft MVP

Day 1

  • Intro to Xamarin
  • Intro to Xamarin Forms
  • Creating UI in Xamarin Forms
  • Applying MVVM design pattern and IOC/DI
  • Debugging .NET apps

Day 2

  • Intro to ASP.NET Core
  • Creating MVC web applications
  • Developing web servives with Web API
  • Connecting to the SQL Database
  • Working with NoSQL databases (CosmosDB on Azure)
  • Deploying the web app on Azure

Day 3

  • Continuous Integration (CI) with VSTS
  • DevOps for mobile apps with VS Mobile Center
  • Unit and UI tests

Requirements: Bring your own laptop with Visual Studio 2015 or 2017 installed.

Info: Make sure you subscribe to one of the 2 tracks.

Final confirmation will be done by email or phone.

Subscription link @EventBrite