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Celebrating the 100 points in the Google Lighthouse Reports

In this post, I will share with you my experience starting from a disaster that occurred to my blog ☠️😢😭 until reaching the 100/100 performance score and get all Audits Validation Badges on Google Lighthouse 🏆🥇🎉🎊🎈💯/💯🥳

October 10th, I was writing a new post in my blog, in one of the previews, the site kept loading without giving any response. 😱😫😰😓😳🥵

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Workshop Report: ISG Tunis – May 2018

The workshop “Playing with Spring Boot and Angular 5” was held on May 2nd 2018, at ISG Tunis, Tunisia.

The workshop content:

1. Introduction to Spring Boot

  • Introduction to Spring Boot fundamentals
  • Generating project using Spring Initializr
  • Presentation of SpringBoot & autoconfigurations
  • Creating CRUD application: Spring Data JPA + Spring Data REST
  • Presentation of Spring Actuator

2. Introduction to Angular 5

  • TypeScript Fundamentals
  • Angular 5 Basics
  • Template Syntax
  • Components
  • Services & Dependency Injection
  • RxJS and Observables
  • Communicating with the Server using the HttpClient Service
  • Router

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Comutec UTC Compiègne – October 2017

onepoint was present in the Comutec UTC 2017, which was held on October 19th, 2017, in Le Tigre space at Margny-lès-Compiègne.

For this event, we organized a small challenge for the UTC students: who can answer the questions that I have prepared ?

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