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Playing with Azure Functions and Quarkus

Quarkus is one of the current trends of the Java ecosystem. I’m already in love with it. I’m using it along with Spring Boot, and when I choose, I choose Quarkus. 😁

This week, I was working on a Batch POC using Azure Functions and Azure Automation. So I thought it will be useful to share the exercise with you. 😁

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Just finished the first four chapters..

Today, I will not be sharing a tutorial or a review, I will share with you my new book news ! πŸ₯³ I just finished typing the fourth chapter.Β  These four chapters belong to the first part of the story: the MoNoLITHiC dedicated part πŸ€ͺ ..

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Playing with Reactive Spring Boot

Reactive programming ! Wow ! What a fancy buzzy word ! I waited so much to write a blog post about this trend πŸ˜ƒΒ  I was waiting for the landscape to be mature to made a one-shot tutorial 😁

Today, I will show you how to make a Reactive Spring Boot application, with a Reactive CRUDs using Spring Data Reactive Relational Database Connectivity (R2DBC) withΒ PostgreSQL and for sure the famous Webflux. Don’t be scared if you don’t know any of these topics. We will be introducing all of them smoothly !Β  😊

But before digging into the practice, I will be making small story-telling about the fundamentals of the reactive programming. 😎

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Falling in love with Udacity ⚑️

Good ! This post has a conclusion into its title ! Udacity was the biggest discovery I’ve made during the COVID-19 lockdown 🀩 I was seeking for an interactive learning platform like DataCamp, where I finished all the trainings that I’m interested on. By the end of the February, I found Udacity while I was searching for some AI/ML intensive course.

Udacity Logo

Udacity Logo

⚠️ Disclaimer: This is not a marketing/referral post. This is a review for an e-learning website for my readers. I wish always to share the best learning materials/sources πŸ˜‡ feel free to click on any link πŸ˜‚

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