This week, I tried the “Self Paced Online” courses provided by the Docker Community. These courses were built by many mentors & Docker experts, covering many basic & advanced Docker concepts.

The offered courses:

Developer - Beginner Linux Containers

This tutorial will guide you through the steps involved in setting up your computer, running your first containers, deploying a web application with Docker and running a multi-container voting app with Docker Compose.

Developer - Beginner Windows Containers

This tutorial will walk you through setting up your environment, running basic containers and creating a Docker Compose multi-container application using Windows containers.

Developer - Intermediate (both Linux and Windows)

This tutorial teaches you how to network your containers, how you can manage data inside and between your containers and how to use Docker Cloud to build your image from source and use developer tools and programming languages with Docker.

Operations - Beginner

The beginner part of the Ops tutorial will teach you how to set up a swarm, how to use it to host your own registry, how to build your app container images and how to deploy and scale a distributed application called Dockercoins.

Operations - Intermediate

From global container scheduling, overlay networks troubleshooting, dealing with stateful services and node management, this tutorial will show you how to operate your swarm cluster at scale and take you on a swarm mode deep dive.

After taking each course, there is a Quiz to validate acquired knowledge, and a certificate to proof course completion.

Operations - Beginner course

Developer - Beginner Linux Containers course

Developer - Intermediate course

I really appreciate the courses layout, and the content provided and divided by knowledge level.

I recommend these courses for everyone interested in gaining knowledge on Docker.

The courses are available here.

Good luck !