Today, I will not be sharing a tutorial or a review, I will share with you my new book news ! 🥳 I just finished typing the fourth chapter.  These four chapters belong to the first part of the story: the MoNoLITHiC dedicated part 🤪 ..

What’s new  ?

In my previous book “Playing with Java Microservices on Kubernetes and OpenShift” there was a Docker-only chapter in the middle of the book. Now, in the book, there is no Docker-only chapter, there is a Chapter Zero dedicated for Containerization, with Docker and alternatives ! 😄

Playing with Java Microservices with Quarkus and Kubernetes” comes with many many new cool content:

  • Containerization as mandatory skill for every Java Developer
  • Demystifying Java 11 new features
  • (Unit & Integration) Testing best practices and code quality measurements
  • Designing Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment pipelines
  • Benchmarking and load testing labs
  • Demystifying many complex JVM components such as compilers 😱 I know that they are the most loved part of Java 😆

and more to be added in the next chapters of the Monoliths part:

  • Demystifying the authentication and authorization using KeyCloak
  • Reaching the limits of the monolithic architecture

I will not forget to mention that during the first chapter, I found and I fixed the bug in the Spring Data JPA extension for Quarkus. Which is now delivered in the Release v1.7.0.Final 🥳