I attended the Microsoft OpenHack Kafka from the 3rd to the 5th of June in London. I had some free time to do a small visit to the City.  As always, my Lumix G7 was travelling with me 😆

The first day, when I just arrived, I wanted to visit the Big Ben and the Palace of Westminster. Unfortunately, the Big Ben is under maintenance. I couldn’t see it 😭😭 But, I could the chance to shoot the 🇺🇸 US Marine One ! 🤩🤩

When, I crossed the Westminster Bridge in the direction of the London Eye, I saw some helicopters coming from the North East in the direction of  the Buckingham Palace.

I am a fan of Aircrafts & Helicopters, I tried to take some shots of the approaching Helicopters. The big surprise was when I looked into the Viewfinder 😆😆😆 The helicopter heading the group was the “Marine One Sikorsky VH-3D” !! Yeah the 🇺🇸🇺🇸 US Presidential helicopter which was escorted by a military and police helicopters.

I thought it was just a film shooting or something else, but some minutes ago, I heard people talking about the visit of the US president Trump to London, which shows this Daily Mail youtube video:

This is was the first time that I take a picture of something very original 😁 I thing that we didn’t meet the 🇺🇸 US Marine One 🇺🇸 everyday ! 🤪

Like every trip, here is a small Flickr album:

London 2019