I participated today, the 6th of May, to the first edition of the Modern Software Development Bootcamp in Tunis, Tunisia.

The event was hosted by IntilaQ Center, El Ghazela Technopark, Tunisia.

Presentation of the Bootcamp:

The event is organized by Houssem Dellai, Microsoft MVP & Xamarin Lead Developer working at IntilaQ Center Tunisia & SOAT France. This event is dedicated to the computer engineering schools students, and aims to introduce them to the trendiest technologies of the market, such as Xamarin (C#/.NET), Java 8, SpringBoot, Docker, Microservices…

The sessions are 3 Hours workshop that were done in parallel. The idea is to provide 100% practical workshops to participants, so they can make exercices live on the selected subject.

The planning of the event:

  • Welcome and overview of the day (Houssem Dellai, Microsoft MVP)
  • Workshop 1: Xamarin Overview (Houssem Dellai, Microsoft MVP)
  • Workshop 2: Playing with Spring Boot & Docker (Nebrass Lamouchi, Davidson SI)

The content of my workshop:

  1. Introductions
    • L’architecture Client-Serveur
    • Java SE vs Java EE
    • Java EE vs Spring Framework
    • Some terminologies
  2. Introduction à Spring Boot
    • Introduction des bases de développement Spring Boot:
    • Génération de projet via Spring Initializr
    • Présentation du SpringBoot & autoconfigurations
    • Création d’une application CRUD: Spring Data JPA + Spring Data REST
    • Présentation de Spring Actuator
  3. Introduction à Docker
    • Présentation de Docker, de la virtualisation et du packaging Docker Containers
    • Présentation de la terminologie Docker: Image; Container; Dockerfile; Docker-Machine
    • Présentation de Docker-Compose, Docker-Swarm
    • Présentation de Docker Hub et de la livraison continue via Docker

Some pictures from the event:


My presentation:

Many thanks for Houssem Dellai for the event organization & coordination and for the students that were so motivated for the sessions. Good luck guys !