Today, I would like to share with you the title of my new book: Playing with Java Microservices with Quarkus and Kubernetes. I started working on it, since the July 2020.

Playing with Java Microservices with Quarkus Kubernetes will teach you how to build and design microservices using Java and the Red Hat Quarkus Framework.

This book covers topics related to creating Java microservices using Quarkus and deploying them to Kubernetes.

Traditionally, Java developers have been used to developing large, complex monolithic applications. The experience of developing and deploying monoliths has been always slow and painful. This book will help Java developers to quickly get started with the features and the concerns of the microservices architecture. It will introduce Docker and Kubernetes to help them deploying their microservices.

The book is written for Java developers who wants to build microservices using the Red Hat Quarkus and who wants to deploy them in Kubernetes.

You will be guided on how to install the appropriate tools to work properly. For those who are new to Enterprise Development using Quarkus, you will be introduced to its core principles and main features thru a deep step-by-step tutorial on many components. For experts, this book offers some recipes that illustrate how to split monoliths and implement microservices and deploy them as containers to Kubernetes.

The following are some of the key challenges that we will address in this book:

  • Introducing Quarkus and GraalVM for beginners
  • Splitting a monolith using the Domain Driven Design approach
  • Implementing the cloud & microservices patterns
  • Rethinking the deployment process
  • Introducing containerization, Docker and Kubernetes

By the end of reading this book, you will have practical hands-on experience of building microservices using Quarkus and you will master deploying them as containers to Kubernetes.

This book will be published on Leanpub. I hope that it will be fully published by December 2020. I think of making an Early Access by the end of September 2020 ๐Ÿ˜

I hope that it will succeed as did the previous titles: Pairing Apache Shiro with Java EE 7 and Playing with Java Microservices on Kubernetes and OpenShift ๐Ÿคฉ