I will be in the National School of Computing Sciences of Tunisia (ENSI Tunisia), from November 19th to November 24th 2018, to animate a 15 Hours workshop, about Microservices in Java and how to deploy them as Docker Containers to Kubernetes. The event is organized by Mrs Rim Drira.

The workshop content:

  • Part 1: The Monolithics Era
  • Part 2: Coding the monolith
  • Part 3: Microservices Era
  • Part 4: Applying DDD to the code
  • Part 5: Meeting & Implementing the µservices concerns and patterns
  • Part 6: Building the standalone µservices
  • Part 7: Packaging µservices in containers
  • Part 8: Falling in ❤️ with container orchestrator: KUBERNETES 😍
  • Part 9: Applying the Kubernetes Style

Many thanks for  Mrs Rim Drira for the invitation and the event’s organization.