Today is the big day 🥳🥳 My third book “Playing with Java Microservices with Quarkus and Kubernetes” is available in Early Access 🎉🎊🎈✨


I started working on the book starting from June 😁  I spent nearly 5 months presenting the most interesting and powerful features of the Quarkus Framework. When I started the Proof-of-concept, I didn’t have the idea of writing a book on Quarkus, I was just discovering. I found myself spending more and more time reading the documentation, trying some features and extensions, and then I got the idea to write the Quarkus version of my “Playing with Java Microservices” Book 😁

The content of book:

  • Chapter 0Getting started with Containerization, presents the containerization with Docker & Podman.
  • Chapter 1Introduction to the Monolithic architecture, provides an introduction to the Monolithic architecture with a focus on its advantages and drawbacks.
  • Chapter 2Coding the Monolithic application, offers a step-by-step tutorial for modeling and creating the monolith using MavenJava 11 & Quarkus.
  • Chapter 3Upgrading the Monolithic application, lists some upgrades for our Monolithic application such as adding tests and most-wanted features.
  • Chapter 4Building & Deploying the Monolithic application, covers how to build and package our example application before showing how to deploy it in the runtime environment.
  • Chapter 5Adding the anti-disasters layers, introduces how to implement the Security and Monitoring layers to help the application to avoid disasters.
  • Chapter 6Microservices Architecture Pattern, presents the drawbacks that can be faced in a typical Monolithic architecture and shows the motivations for seeking something new, like the Microservices Architecture Pattern.
  • Chapter 7Splitting the Monolith: Bombarding the domain, presents the Domain Driven Design concepts to successfully understand the Business Domain of the Monolithic Application, to be able to split it into sub-domains.
  • Chapter 8Applying DDD to the code, shows how to apply all the DDD concepts to the Monolithic Application source code and to successfully split the monolith into Bounded Contexts.
  • Chapter 9Meeting the microservices concerns and patterns, covers a deep presentation of the concerns and the cloud patterns related to the Microservices Architecture Pattern.
  • Chapter 10Getting started with Kubernetes, covers how to build our real standalone business microservices.
  • Chapter 11Implementing the Cloud Patterns, presents in deep the greatest container orchestrator: Kubernetes
  • Chapter 12Building the Kubernetized Microservices, shows how to migrate the monolith code to build microservices while applying Kubernetes concepts and features.
  • Chapter 13Flying all over the Sky with Quarkus and Kubernetes will introduce you to how implement additional cloud patterns using Quarkus and Kubernetes.

The remaining chapters:

  • Chapter 14Playing with Quarkus in Azure shows how Microsoft Azure can help you to modernize applications faster and how you can use Serverless Architecture to add additional great features.
  • Chapter 15: Bringing Dapr into the game presents Dapr & covers how a Distributed Application Runtime can improve a microservices architecture.
  • and more 😁

I made the book available under Early Access because I didn’t finish the Azure part: where I will be covering many great Azure services useful to boost the efficiency of my Quarkus microservices. I will also cover more topics and tools that I see that can be a great add-on to the actual content. The eBook version of the book will be continuously updated. Stay tuned 😎

The book is available in Gumroad and Leanpub, and soon will be available in Amazon and Google Play 🥳