Today is the big day

Today is the big day ūü•≥ūü•≥ My third book “Playing with Java Microservices with Quarkus and Kubernetes” is available in Early Access ūüéČūüéäūüéą‚ú® ¬†

Book cover Book cover

I started working on the book starting from June ūüėĀ¬† I spent nearly 5 months presenting the most interesting and powerful features of the Quarkus Framework. When I started the Proof-of-concept, I didn’t have the idea of writing a book on Quarkus, I was just discovering. I found myself spending more and more time reading the documentation, trying some features and extensions, and then I got the idea to write the Quarkus version of my “Playing with Java Microservices” Book ūüėĀ

The content of book:

  • Chapter 0:¬†Getting started with Containerization, presents the containerization with¬†Docker¬†&¬†Podman.
  • Chapter 1:¬†Introduction to the Monolithic architecture, provides an introduction to the¬†Monolithic architecture¬†with a focus on its¬†advantages¬†and¬†drawbacks.
  • Chapter 2:¬†Coding the Monolithic application, offers a step-by-step tutorial for modeling and creating the monolith using¬†Maven,¬†Java 11¬†&¬†Quarkus.
  • Chapter 3:¬†Upgrading the Monolithic application, lists some upgrades for our¬†Monolithic application¬†such as adding tests and most-wanted features.
  • Chapter 4:¬†Building & Deploying the Monolithic application, covers how to build and package our example application before showing how to deploy it in the runtime environment.
  • Chapter 5:¬†Adding the anti-disasters layers, introduces how to implement the¬†Security¬†and¬†Monitoring¬†layers to help the application to avoid disasters.
  • Chapter 6:¬†Microservices Architecture Pattern, presents the drawbacks that can be faced in a typical¬†Monolithic architecture¬†and shows the motivations for seeking something new, like the¬†Microservices Architecture Pattern.
  • Chapter 7:¬†Splitting the Monolith: Bombarding the domain, presents the¬†Domain Driven Design concepts¬†to successfully understand the¬†Business Domain¬†of the¬†Monolithic Application, to be able to split it into sub-domains.
  • Chapter 8:¬†Applying DDD to the code, shows how to apply all the¬†DDD concepts¬†to the Monolithic Application source code and to successfully¬†split the monolith into Bounded Contexts.
  • Chapter 9:¬†Meeting the microservices concerns and patterns, covers a deep presentation of the concerns and the cloud patterns related to the¬†Microservices Architecture Pattern.
  • Chapter 10:¬†Getting started with Kubernetes, covers how to build our real standalone business microservices.
  • Chapter 11:¬†Implementing the Cloud Patterns, presents in deep the greatest container orchestrator:¬†Kubernetes
  • Chapter 12:¬†Building the Kubernetized Microservices, shows how to migrate the monolith code to build microservices while applying¬†Kubernetes¬†concepts and features.
  • Chapter 13:¬†Flying all over the Sky with Quarkus and Kubernetes¬†will introduce you to how implement additional cloud patterns using¬†Quarkus¬†and¬†Kubernetes.

The remaining chapters:

  • Chapter 14:¬†Playing with Quarkus in Azure shows how¬†Microsoft Azure¬†can help you to modernize applications faster and how you can use¬†Serverless Architecture¬†to add additional great features.
  • Chapter 15: Bringing Dapr into the game presents Dapr & covers how a Distributed Application Runtime can improve a microservices architecture.
  • and more ūüėĀ

I made the book available under Early Access because I didn’t finish the Azure part: where I will be covering many great Azure services useful to boost the efficiency of my Quarkus microservices. I will also cover more topics and tools that I see that can be a great add-on to the actual content. The eBook version of the book will be continuously updated. Stay tuned ūüėé

The book is available in Gumroad and Leanpub, and soon will be available in Amazon and Google Play ūü•≥