During many career talks I attended, I noticed that some questions come back every time: " As a final year student, how can I get an internship? What can I mention in my CV to make it attractive? " 🤔

The problem is that always we start being concerned about internships too late, only some weeks before starting the search operation 💣 Although, finding a good internship needs to be prepared many months before…

The best approach to start working hard since the beginning to avoid any bad surprises:

But, after learning all of this, how to prove to recruiters that you really know what you are mentioning as skills in your CV ? the obvious answer is to pass certifications. They always have been the first proof of knowledge for a given technology or solution. But, this can be costly for students to afford. The other alternative exists and for free 😁 making “PERSONAL PROJECTS” 🤪

Personal projects have been always the best way for learning technologies: when we are following tutorials and guidelines, we are developing personal projects. These projects can have different sizes depending on the context and the covered technologies. But it’s an opportunity to work on real use cases that can cover day-to-day situations; these projects can be covering many areas of knowledge that can be orchestrated. I wanted to make this post to list some examples of projects that can be done by students to cover a good set of technologies and solutions; something that can be considered as interesting assets in a student’s CV.

I will make this README in a Github repository, if you want to contribute, you are welcome 🤗 🙏