The workshop “Playing with Java Microservices on Kubernetes” was held from 02/01 to 04/01 - 2020, at the National School of Computer Sciences, in Manouba, Tunisia.

Great gift 😍 Great gift 😍

The workshop was done on 21 Hours of training about Java, Spring Boot, DDD, Docker, Kubernetes, Cloud Patterns, Azure AKS & Functions…

Some Github repositories used in the sessions:

The event was sponsored by Microsoft 😍🤩🥳 !!

Microsoft 😍 Microsoft 😍

I want to express many thanks for Mrs Rim Drira for the invitation and for the great organization.

Great moments with Ahmed & Mrs Drira Great moments with Ahmed & Mrs Drira

I got a very wonderful flowers bouquet and a very special gift 😍An other surprise ! I met my friend Ahmed Mhenni one of my greatest students of the previous edition of this workshop 🤩🥳

Great gift 😍 Great gift 😍