The workshop “Playing with Java Microservices on Kubernetes” was held from 19/11 to 24/11, at the National School of Computer Sciences, in Mannouba, Tunisia.

The workshop was done on 18 Hours of training about Java, Spring Boot, DDD, Docker, Kubernetes, Cloud Patterns, CI/CD…

Some Github repositories used in the sessions:

We got even a special guest, my techno-mate Houssem Dellai, the great Microsoft MVP, that presented, thru a 3 Hours session, Docker & Kubernetes and the CI/CD lifecycles with a great demo of Azure DevOps for the students of ENSI Tunisia.

The event was sponsored by onepoint the knowledge booster everywhere !!

It was great for everyone to see the great turn out and the plan is to have other Java Workshops soon, in many schools.

If you missed this event, no worries, the next one will be announced here and elsewhere, planning will begin once everyone has recovered from the above event!