The workshop “Playing with Spring Boot and Angular” was held on May 4th 2018, at ENSIT**, Tunisia.**

The workshop content:

  1. Introduction to Spring Boot
  • Introduction to Spring Boot fundamentals
  • Generating project using Spring Initializr
  • Presentation of SpringBoot & autoconfigurations
  • Creating CRUD application: Spring Data JPA + Spring Data REST
  • Presentation of Spring Actuator
  1. Introduction to Angular
  • TypeScript Fundamentals
  • Angular Basics
  • Template Syntax
  • Components
  • Services & Dependency Injection
  • RxJS and Observables
  • Communicating with the Server using the HttpClient Service

The event was sponsored by onepoint.

Many thanks to the ENSIT Microsoft Club for the event organization.

Many thanks to everybody involved, and hope it was enjoyable and informative for the attendees!