The workshop “Playing with Java Microservices with Kubernetes and OpenShift” was held on May 3rd 2018, at IntilaQ Center, El Ghazela Technopark, Tunisia.

The content of the workshop was :

  1. Introduction to Microservices Architectures
  2. Introduction to the 12-Factors methodology
  3. Introduction to Microservices concerns & Spring Cloud Libraries
    1. Configuration Management
    2. Service Discovery
    3. Load Balancing
    4. API Gateway
    5. Service Security
    6. Centralized Logging & Metrics
    7. Resilience & Fault Tolerance
    8. Packaging, Deployment & Scheduling
  4. Introduction to Kubernetes

The event was co-organized by Houssem Dellai and sponsored by onepoint.

Next time, the focus will be a lot more on hands on exercises on Kubernetes and OpenShift, so that attendees can actively participate in the sessions and go home with new techniques that will have been taught during the event.