For the first time, since I started working, I animated a workshop on my lovely school, the Higher Institute of Management of Tunis, Tunisia. The greatest place that provided us with the love & the knowledge! The place where I coded my first lines of Java.

The event was organized by Aymen Delly, student & IT club president, and Mrs Nadia Yaacoubi, one of my greatest teachers.

The content of the workshop, to be presented from 8:00 to 13:00 :

  1. Introduction to Spring Boot
    • Introduction to Spring Boot fundamentals
    • Generating project using Spring Initializr
    • Presentation of SpringBoot & autoconfigurations
    • Creating CRUD application: Spring Data JPA + Spring Data REST
    • Presentation of Spring Actuator
  2. Introduction to Docker
    • Presentation of Containerization vs Virtualization
    • Presentation of Docker’s terminology: Image; Container; Dockerfile; Docker-Machine
    • Presentation of Docker-Compose, Docker-Swarm
    • Presentation of Docker Hub & Continuous Delivery using Docker

They were more than 130 students that attended the event, whereas we have predicted to have 100 registered students on Eventbrite.

I am so glad of this first edition of the workshop ! I hope this was useful for our students !

Thank you Onepoint for sponsoring this event and for making my dreams come true !